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Basic Flavors Inc. has come so far from its humble beginnings. The company’s tremendous growth is largely due to its strong family-oriented corporate culture, aggressive marketing strategies, technology upgrades and its consistent efforts to satisfy its customers.
Catch a glimpse of the Earth Flavors line of products in our product gallery to know what to look for on your next visit to the grocery.
The Earth Flavors line of products comprises the Crunchy Bawang, Garlic Chips, Crispy Onions, Chili Garlic in Oil, Chili Garlic Sauce, Fresh Chopped Garlic in Water, Fresh Chopped Garlic in Vegetable Oil. There is also a new product line called “Ocean Flavors” which has Dulong in Oil.
The health benefits of eating garlic, onions and peppers on a daily basis were well known to our ancestors. They used garlic to protect themselves from illness and to act as an antiseptic for a wide range of infections.

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